Digestion and Stress

What is the Indican Test?

The level of indican is an index of the efficiency of protein digestion. The indican scale measures the presence of indol, a metabolic byproduct of the action of intestinal bacteria on the amino acid tryptophan.

The following can compromise protein digestion:

Insufficient Gastric Hydrochloric Acid
Insufficient Digestive Enzymes
Adverse Food Reactions
Parasitic Infection
Fungal Infection
Overgrowth of Bacteria that Metabolize Specific Proteins
Hypermotility of the Small Intestine
Other Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Poor protein digestion also can result from the dietary intake of protein from a group of food proteins called lectins. A property common to lectins is that they agglutinate specific cell-surface antigens. Lectins have many beneficial effects, and some harmful ones. A beneficial example is the agglutination of cancer cells, which makes them easier for macrophages to phagocytize. Determining which lectins will cause agglutination, however, varies among individuals, possibly because of differing blood types. A commonly found lectin is gluten, which is present in various forms in several grains. In the intestines of some individuals, gluten can agglutinate with other food proteins, which makes complete digestion difficult or impossible. Ingestion of incompatible lectin-containing foodstuffs can lead to chronic subclinical agglutination, indigestion, and eventually, putrefaction.

Putrefaction is especially detrimental, because it can produce dozens of carcinogenic substances. These substances can enter the liver through the general circulation. Undigested protein also increases systemic toxicity, burdening the detoxification capacity of the liver.

Poor protein digestion can lead to other problems, such as intestinal microbial overgrowth, which can lead to unfavorable pH changes and impaired absorption. These factors can prevent the synthesis of essential proteins and other compounds.

Eventually, the inability to digest protein can prevent proper glycemic control, and can lead to serious hormone imbalances. With poor protein digestion, eventually all absorption is adversely affected, including the absorption of water. This can be a prelude to chronic degenerative disorder including gastrointestinal disease and cancer. Without proper digestion, it is impossible to have optimal health.

Test Kit #101 - Metabolic Assessment Profile

Test Results Include:

  • Indican, lipid peroxides & urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS)
  • Sample required: 2 test tubes of urine
  • Lab reporting time: 10 - 14 business days
  • Lab fee $132 (pay direct to lab when you submit urine specimen)
  • Interpretation Fee and 90-Day protocol $149
  • Contact Me for Test Kit