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Resistance Bands are the one of the best exercise tools on the market. If your looking to get in shape, tone up, and lose weight, you need to read every single word on this page RIGHT NOW!


Hi...My name is Kevin Moses and for more than a decade I have been helping people like you get in shape. I have specifically specialized in designing programs that busy people can do anywhere at anytime of the day.

You see, I realize the biggest obstacle to your fitness success is time; you just don't have much of it! In today's world we are working harder then ever before and as a result we have less time to work on our body.


To overcome this "time" problem I have been forced to produce fun, easy to learn exercise routines that you can do in your home, office or even on holiday! And the best part is you don't need to carry around heavy weights, dumbbells or barbells to complete the exercises.

In fact, to complete the exercises I ask you to do, you need just one lightweight, easy to pack piece of fitness equipment.

Introducing: The Resistance Band

Resistance Bands are my little secret weapon; they allow all of my clients to exercise from any location at any time of day...

These Pro Resistance bands are the #1 band used by personal trainers and strength coaches. I recommend these bands to all my clients and have my personal training studio (Pure Motion Fitness, a gym in Poway California) completely outfitted with them. I personally train clients (and kick their butts) with them every day. Youcan do cardio, fitness routines, shape, tone and even build muscle.

The Best Resistance bands are small, lightweight, compact and convenient. Use them at home, take them to work, and even take them with you when traveling.

Just twelve (12) minutes a day is all it takes. Using just six of my 2-minute exercises alternating daily with just four of my 3-minute exercises will whip you into shape in no time. And for advanced calorie burning, weight loss and muscle building you can do multiple 12-minute workouts or workout three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening). That's three full workouts in just 36 minutes.

And, since I'm constantly adding and updating new videos you will always have something new and exciting. Plus if you order today I will customize a video just for you. Simply place your order today, once you receive your bands and my free support information, simply let me know the specific area of your body you want to improve and I'll send you a link to your special video.

...Here's a quick video of me doing a few exercises, which show you exactly how a resistance band works:

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As you can see from the video, resistance bands are easy to use and
highly effective in getting a full body workout.

Warning: Not All Resistance Bands Are Safe!

I hate to say it, but there are some companies, which produce Resistance Bands that are not using "gym quality" materials. They are using a lower grade material and they deteriorate and break easily...

...And the last thing you want right now is to sustain an injury using your resistance bands!

That's why, for my clients and friends like you, I have specifically designed a resistance band package. I have tested these bands with over 100 clients in the last 12 months and they have never failed.

Not only that, but just having the resistance bands wont shape and tone your muscles, you also need to actually use them.

So I have designed a 12-Minute workout, which you can use anytime with your resistance bands to start seeing results FAST!

THE BEST PART: The 12-Minute Workout is
broken down into six, 2 minute mini resistance band workouts.

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To keep things interesting and exciting you can choose from a wide variety of 2-minute workout sessions I have developed. Which means you can keep your exercising light and fun, by constantly changing and implementing different sessions!

The Moses Resistance Band Training Program Really Works!
Check Out These Happy Customers

I have been training with Kevin for the past 5 years and its amazing how many exercises can be done using the resistance bands. Once I master one exercise, Kevin knows how to make it more challenging. And he provides free access to his training videos and free advice on his blog. Rich B.

When I first started using the Resistance bands I didn't really have a clue how to use them. Kevin's videos and free online support made it quick and easy to feel comfortable using them on my own. I actually get a great workout even when I'm traveling for work. Nick K

Thanks Kevin! I never realized how many different exercises you could do with these bands. It's amazing. Your advanced video's are actually really challenging. After just 6 months of daily use I've lost 2" in my waist and gained 1" on my biceps. Ron S.

Let's get you started with your own workout today...

…What I’m going to do, is send you a pack, in this pack is everything you need to complete the 12 Minute Workout.  Once you get the pack open it, log into my members area, watch one of my exercise videos and get started.
Get Started With Your First Muscle Toning, Strength Building, Fat Busting 12 Minute Workout Today!

Here's Exactly What You Get With The 12 Minute Workout Secret:arrow

The Complete Resistance Band Pack

There are 4 resistance bands that you need to complete a full body workout, and each is included in the Complete Resistance Band Pack:

  • The Blue Light Weight Resistance Band (Great for triceps, shoulders
    and physical therapy)
  • The Yellow Light Resistance Band (Great for shoulders, chests and deltoids)
  • The Red Medium Weight Resistance Band (Great for legs, chests and biceps)
  • The Green Heavy Weight Resistance Band (Great for advanced exercises, legs and chest)
valued $59.88

The Complete 12 Minute Workout Secret Members Area

This is probably the most important part of the whole package as it shows you exactly how to use the resistance bands and achieve the results you desire with y our body. When you log in to the members area you will receive:

  • Unrestricted Access To My 2 Minute Exercise Mini Sessions
  • Unrestricted Access To My 3 Minute Power Building Mini Sessions
  • Frequent Updates Via My Exercise Blog
  • 15 Minute Complementary Nutritional Consultation
valued $49.97

As you can see, I have really put together everything you need to achieve the success you desire with your fitness in the 12 Minute Workout Secret.

Color Level Resistance Length Exercises & Uses
Blue Very Light 5-10 lbs 45 inches Great for Tricep Kick Backs, Shoulder Raises, Abs/Torso Twists, PLUS Physical Therapy Routines
Yellow Light 10-20 lbs 45 inches Great for Shoulder Press, Shoulder Circles, Wood Chop, Chest Fly, and Rear Deltoid Fly
Red Medium 15-25 lbs 45 inches Great for Leg Press, Chest Press, Pull Apart, Bicep Curls, The Penguin, and Shoulder Shrug.
Green Heavy 25-35 lbs 45 inches Great for Advanced Pull Apart, Standing Row, Single Arm Chest Press, Speed Curls, and Press Downs
Act now and get FREE access to my online exercise video membership area where I personally show you how to do all of the above exercises and much more!

Yes Kevin I Want Your 12-Minute Workout Secret
Just Tell Me How Much!

So here's the deal, I want to make this a complete no-brainer for you, I want you to look at the deal I am offering and go "I'd be crazy not to get this". What I'm going to do in just a minute is give you a severely discounted offer.

But before I do, here's a few bonuses you will get
when you act today:

  • FREE Door Anchor - $4.97 value
  • FREE Resistance Band Guide - $9.97 value
  • FREE Shipping in USA - $7.50 value
  • FREE Exercise Video Membership- $49.97 value

When you secure your copy of the 12-Minute Workout Secret you will receive
over $130.00 worth of value...

...But you won't pay that much!

Right now you have a decision to make, are you going to continue on with your day,
and probably miss another planned workout session...


Are you going to secure The Moses Resistance Band Training Program and
start seeing results in just a few days from now?

Warning: Do NOT buy any Resistance Bands or do any exercises unless it meets the following 4 criteria:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding fitness, working out and personal training. I want to give you 4 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you use any resistance band or take advice from a personal trainer or fitness coach:

1. Make sure the bands you purchase are professional "gym quality" materials. Gym quality means "commercial grade" materials that will outlast ordinary "consumer" type bands you find in a typical department store or sporting goods outlet.

2. Look for hard resin or hard plastic handles for sure grip and less wear. Foam grip handles are typically found on "consumer" bands, they are comfortable but are typically cheap and wear out quickly. Hard plastic handles are typically found on "commercial" grade bands so they last longer from all the use.

3. Be sure your bands come with a door anchor, enabling you to secure them to any door, anywhere for additional exercises. Most bands do not include this anchor and you would need to purchase it separately.

4. What types of exercises are you going to do; which band to use for which body part? Make sure your bands come with access to free video tutorials with dozens of different exercises as well as free online support.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth with my Resistance Band Package!

What's Included???

The Moses Resistance Band Training Program

  • Blue Band (5-10 lbs resistance) - $14.97 value
  • Yellow Band (10-20 lbs resistance) - $14.97 value
  • Red Band (15-25 lbs resistance) - $14.97 value
  • Green Band (20-30 lbs resistance) - $14.97 value
  • FREE Door Anchor - $4.97 value
  • FREE Resistance Band Guide - $9.97 value
  • FREE Shipping in USA - $7.50 value
  • FREE Exercise Video Membership- $49.97 value
  • OVER $130.00 VALUE! What are you waiting for?