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"Discover why some of the best home gyms include these 6 pieces of exercise equipment!"

Kevin Moses - Stability Ball Push Up
Dear Friend,

I'm going to divulge what most gyms won't tell you. There are six essential pieces of home gym equipment when used together will get you ripped in no time flat.

These will become your 6 most important pieces of exercise equipment in your home gym, plus you can even travel with most of them.

Not only am I going to reveal the six pieces of home gym equipment that every home gym should have, I'm going to include free step by step exercise videos that show you exactly how to reach your weight loss or body building goals using them in your very own home gym.

Don't forget, I'm a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist "CSCS Certification" with over a decade of experience training all types of individuals and athletes using this same exact equipment in my gym.

I'm a full time fitness coach with an exercise and fitness degree from an accredited university. I don't do this part time, it's not my hobby. I make a very good living training and coaching individuals and athletes.

I successfully train hundreds of clients a year in my private gym and in their home gyms using the same pieces of home gym equipment. I also use the same exact techniques and exercises when training peope in their home gyms which I will include for free.

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4 Pack Challenge PRO resistance bands. Tubing is specially designed to hold up under rigorous and repetitive use. Created exclusively for the fitness industry more than a decade ago. My professional experience has proven these last longer than many other brands on the market today (all of which I have and used).

Handles are reinforced solid plastic, easy grip and do not bend; comfortable in your hand. Includes laminated resistance band guide with 16 specific exercises. You canít lose with my iron clad 100% money back guarantee! These are one of the most essential pieces of home gym equipment you can have.

Resistance Band 4-Pack
  • Red Band (5 lbs resistance) - $14.97 Value
  • Yellow Band (10 lbs resistance) - $14.97 Value
  • Green Band (15 lbs resistance) - $14.97 Value
  • Silver Band (20 lbs resistance) - $14.97 Value
  • Door Anchor - $4.97 Value
  • Resistance Band Exercise Guide - $9.97 Value

55cm Body Sport Fitness Stability Ball strengthens, stretches and tones all major muscle groups. Enhances coordination and balance. Improves flexibility. Slow Air Release in case of puncture (non-burstable - won't POP). Latex Free.
Stability Ball
  • 55cm Non-Burstable Stability Ball - $24.97 value
  • Air pump - $4.97 Value
  • Stability Ball instructional poster - $9.97 Value

Six pound (6lb) durable Medicine Ball - rubber ball features a textured surface for improved grip. Bounces off hard surfaces for a variety of exercises. Ideal for developing core strength and improving coordination, balance and endurance
Medicine Ball
  • 6lb Medicine Ball - $24.97 Value
  • Designed for all fitness levels
  • Illutrated Exercise Guide - $9.97 Value

Yellow (Medium) Challenge Pro Ankle Cuffs are a medium resistance which tones the lower body to help you burn fat faster in hard to reach areas such as your hips and buttocks.
Ankle Cuff Resistance Bands
  • Padded cuff design.
  • Added comfort while stabilizing the tubing.
  • Adjustable velcro to fit most ankles.
  • $14.97 Value

Large 36" x 6" Foam Roller - used during therapy, aquatics or physical fitness as a balance, flexibility and a strength training mechanism. Commonly used for Self-Myofascial Release as well as a balance product.
Foam Roller
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Increase Joint range of motion
  • Decrease Muscle soreness & relieve joint stress
  • Decrease Neuromuscular hypertonicity
  • Increase extensibility of musculotendinous junction
  • Increase Neuromuscular efficiency
  • Maintain normal functional muscular length
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Round, White 36" x 6" - $29.97 Value

Large Core Balance Trainer Disc - a dynamic cushion to activate major muscle groups. Use as a standing disc for balance training and lower extremity strengthening. Flatten, tighten and tone your core.
Balance Disk
  • Features one tactile side and one smooth side.
  • Inflates with standard pump.
  • Can be inflated from 1" thickness to a 2" thickness for increased difficulty as you progress.
  • 13.8" in diameter
  • Latex Free
  • $19.97 Value

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Kevin Moses, CSCS

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