How to use Foam Roller?

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How to use foam roller?

The biggest benefit that the foam roller has to offer is that is has the same benefits that sports massage does, except it comes without the massive bill attached. Using the foam roller, will allow your muscles and tendons to not only stretch but will help repair them after a hard workout. It can even break down soft tissue you’ve damaged and scar tissue. With the aid of your body weight the cylindrical foam roller gives you the opportunity to self-massage which will increase blood flow, giving your soft tissue better circulation.

Sounds greats doesn't it?

So how does it work?

Well just below your skin there soft connective tissue, called superficial fascia. It is what connects and covers all the muscles in your body to your bones, nerves even blood vessels. The muscle and fascia together are called the myofascia system. Not exercising or previous injury can lead to underling medical problems and can cause the fascia to become tight with trigger points. This causes the muscle to become restricted and difficult to move, it can even be quite painful.

Using the foam roller as a stretching tool will allow you to loosen up the muscles and increase the muscle flexibility and give you a greater range of motion. It is the best way to attack troublesome muscles knots.

Foam Roller Benefits

So what is the foam roller? Well the foam roller is approximately six inches in diameter and 3 feet long made of a soft but firm foam. That is capable of creating direct pressure on the areas that you need to relax and massage. Just using it for a few minutes a day will help keep you supple and feeling young.

Foam Roller Exercises:

Number 1) the thigh roll Lie on your side with the foam roller placed underneath your thigh. You then roll from your hip bone to the top of your knee. Continue doing this for a few minutes. After a few days of doing this you will soon start to feel your thighs loosening up.

Number 2) The quad roll Start with the foam roller under hips, while you lie down face first, then roll from the hip to the knee. Repeat for a few minutes and then roll on to your back and repeat the same process. After a few days you will feel the results.

Five things you need to remember when using the foam roller

  • Roll backwards and forewords across the painful area for a minimum of a minute.
  • Spend the most time over the most painful areas
  • If you have injured a specific area you should roll on it two or three times a day for the best results
  • Avoid rolling on joints or boney areas
  • Before bedtime is the best time to foam roll. Sleep time is heal time

So if you want to feel the benefits of the foam roller, I would recommend that you use the foam roller religiously to get the best results. Take it to work and use in the office over lunch time (only if you have a private office that is).